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Medical Manuscripts specializes in providing courses

for PhD students and other researchers interested

in improving their English language and writing skills.

Current courses held at Panum

(Faculty of Health and Medical Science,

Copenhagen University)

Medical Writing Course

(8 x 3 hours)



We focus on style and structure, as well as provide insight into common errors of grammar and usage, spelling and punctuation, using examples from recent medical articles to pinpoint the problems encountered by non-native English speakers. The different sections of a manuscript and the underlying rules are discussed. In addition, participants present and evaluate their own writing in progress. Finally, we look at the editorial process: from electronic submission, peer review and revision, to successful publication.

Intensive Medical Writing Course (2½ days)



This course is in two parts. Part I is a half-day session for all participants. The emphasis here is on how to avoid the most common errors of grammar and usage when writing papers in English, how to prepare effective illustrations, and how to understand the publication process. The participants then split into two groups and attend either the Tuesday and Wednesday or the Thursday and Friday full-day sessions. Part II focuses on writing clearly, correctly, concisely and memorably for an international audience, style and vocabulary, punctuation, the IMRAD structure, presentation of numbers, the publication process and the cover letter.

Follow-up Course

(1 day)



Participants build on knowledge acquired in previous courses. They have the opportunity to further improve their writing skills and maximize the impact of their published research. Topics covered will include idiomatic phrases, verb tenses, the passive, prepositions, linking words and organizational signals, punctuation to clarify meaning, tightening up the language, and removing the dead wood.