Daniella Østergaard 

Herlev Hospital MD, PhD student

Department of Oncology


Thank you for a wonderful course with a very accurate title. Intensive it was. But very good!

Klara Kvorning Ternov

MD, Ph.D student

Herlev Hospital

You rock my world, Christine! I went through high school and university with as little language education as possible--because I thought it was boring (I didn't get it).  You make writing English fun for the first time. 

Sahar Moeini

Ph.D studerende

Sjællands Universitetshospital

Jeg vil sige tusing tak til dig og dine kolleger. Efter deltagelsen på jeres kursus er skriveprocessen gået fra at være den kedelige pligt, til at være en interessant proces. Jeg har lært at værdsætte både dynamikken og systematikken i skriveprocessen. Da jeg er vild med at forske, har det gjort en stor forskel for mig, at jeg nu også kan nyde det, når jeg skal skrive manuskripter.

Cæcilie Bachdal Johansen

MD, Ph.D

Department of Dermatology and Venereology

Copenhagen University Hospital Bispebjerg

Thank you for an excellent course. You are a brilliant teacher, witty and knowledgeable. And I really like your PowerPoint presentation style.

Cecilie Heerdegen Jepsen

MD, Ph.D

Copenhagen Area, Capital Region, Denmark

Thank you for teaching the very best PhD course I have taken so far!

Søren Viereck

Associate Consultant, MD, PhD

Copenhagen Area, Capital Region, Denmark

Thank you very much for your course Intensive Medical Writing, which has been extremely useful throughout the final period of my PhD. Your course handouts are on top of the pile of documents on my desk and are used daily.

Anne-Marie Engel

Head of Talent and Career Programmes hos Lundbeckfonden

Copenhagen Area, Capital Region, Denmark

Manuel P. Pereira

PhD student, Multidisciplinary Pain Centre

Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen

Henrik Torup

MD, PhD student

Department of Anaesthesiology, Herlev Hospital

Runa Fenger

PhD Student,

Research Centre for Prevention and Health, Glostrup

Rikke Brandt

PhD Student, Technical University

Damoun Nassehi

MD, PhD student

Faculty of Health Sciences, Copenhagen University

Susanne Hwiid Klausen

Research Unit Women's and Children’s Health,

The Juliane Marie Centre for Women,

Children and Reproduction, Rigshospitalet

Rikke Maria Dahl

Research Year Student,

Department of Anaesthesiology, Herlev Hospital

I have known and worked with Christine for more than 15 years. I know Christine as a very thorough and dedicated reviewer of language and contents of medical manuscripts submitted to APMIS. Christine’s extensive knowledge of and love for the English language has greatly increased the quality of the submissions of scientific writers over the years. Christine has brought her skills and experience to a new arena. In intensive and very popular courses of written medical English, she now shares her insight into how to write clear, simple and beautiful English as well as the complicated rules of e.g. punctuation with writers of scientific manuscripts. It is always a great pleasure to work with Christine, and you always learn something new.

I attended the 2½-day Intensive Medical Writing Course, 17–19 June 2013, and would like to give it my highest recommendation. There were lectures, in which specific topics were presented (for instance, clear writing, punctuation, etc.), and small-group discussion sessions facilitated by one of the three course providers, in which a scientific text written by the participants was analyzed. A variety of information on scientific writing and specific practical tips were given during the lectures and applied in the small-group discussions. At the end of the course we were given handouts on the topics covered, which will surely be helpful when writing an article. This all happened in a relaxed atmosphere and, to my surprise, I realized that a language course can actually be fun!

An excellent course.

The course has provided me with a check list of things to do and things not to do. This has made English writing much easier for me. Before the course I had no "strategy" for how to compose my sentences and they always became too long and complicated. After the course, I can follow the simple instructions and explanations given and end up with a text that is much easier to read.

I very much enjoyed the course Medical Writing, and I highly recommend it. It gave me a new insight into the English language and grammar and I received very constructive criticism of my manuscripts.

Participating in Christine Møller's Medical Writing Course was enjoyable, enlightening, and educational. It greatly improved my writing skills.

I enjoyed your course very much. I now believe I have a better idea of what may go wrong when I try to express myself in English and how to avoid silly mistakes.

Definitely the best course I have attended so far. This course has emphasized all the rights and wrongs to consider while writing a medical manuscript, and has greatly improved my writing skills. The atmosphere was warm and friendly which made you feel 'at home'.

Allan Shaw

Independent Education Management Professional

Derby, United Kingdom

Christine was a most conscientious lecturer, much appreciated by all her students who recognised her professionalism, attention to detail and helpful feedback. Her students always did well with many making excellent careers within the health services.

Urban Forsum 

Professor emeritus på Linköping University


Christine Møller is the ideal managing editor of a scientific journal with her acute sense for the task to be done; be that running the day to day functions of the journal, communicating with authors and editors, helping authors to do their best in producing quality manuscripts and with a sharp eye spotting inconsistencies in texts, editing problems and faulty English. Christine has that unique combination of personal qualities and education that makes her the central executive of the editorial office.

Ewa Rajpert-De Meyts

Senior Research Consultant, Department of Growth & Reproduction, Copenhagen University Hospital (Rigshospitalet)

Copenhagen Area, Capital Region, Denmark

I have worked with Christine as a guest editor on three special issues published in APMIS. She was always truly excellent editor, always taking care of every detail and delivering perfect and beautiful books. I have also witnessed her perfect organization of post-graduate courses in good medical writing at the Copenhagen University. She is eminently reliable and a pleasure to work with.

Professor Karsten Bushard

Diabetes Research

Bartholin Institute


I have known Christine for many years and can vouch for her excellent linguistic ability. As a person she is very easy to deal with.

Knud Josefsen

Bartholin Institute


Manuscripts are carefully corrected, obviously by a person with a sound knowledge of medical terminology.