Back in November in 2021 we held a charity dinner in Copenhagen, where a lot of loving and generous people participated and showed their support to El Cambio Academy. Thanks to their help we have been able to purchase THE ECA BUS powered by FC Sunshine, ISI Højskole, Vor Frue Skole and Dear Football. 🚎 💙
The new bus will provide our players with a lot of new opportunities and make it easier for us to attend football tournaments and other essential events around Uganda. This is a big step in the progressive development of ECA and we are truly greatful for all the support - THANK YOU!
In the pictures below you can see some photos of the bus. As you can see, the kids were so excited when we surprised them with their new ride. We don’t know about you, but we think it is looking incredibly nice!



Back in 2020 Dear Football and The One Goal launched a campaign called Shirts for Girls. The campaign was brought to life with a purpose of raising funds for a girl’s programme at ECA. The campaign was a huge success and raised more than £10.000, which meant that five girls were able to join ECA on a full eight-year scholarship. 

Today, seven girls are a part of ECA, but we wish to add more to the academy.
We are happy to announce that we are once again launching the Shirts for Girls campaign together with Dear Football and The One Goal. The campaign aims to shape the future female leaders of Africa.
High profiled football players have donated their football shirts for the cause and throughout the month of March the players will be revealed. When the players have been revealed you can get the chance to win their unique shirts by supporting our campaign.
Click the button below to see more about Shirts for Girls and to see the available matchworn or signed shirts.


ECA is based upon a variety of different values. One of these values is GIVING BACK.
The concept of Satellite Academy originates from this value and is one of our ways to give back to the local communities. We are facilitating this each week by sending two of our players to other academies with the purpose of coaching local teams in football and in character.
Due to the corona pandemic, we haven’t been able to visit our satellite academies for a long time. However, we are happy to announce that Satellite Academy is up and running again. 💪
ECA supports more than 60 academies all over Uganda with equipment and knowledge.
The pictures below are from one our visits at a Satellite Academy.


This past month Thomas, Steven and several of the interns and volunteers travelled around Uganda to meet some of the ECA players families.
It is always an amazing experience to spend time with the families, see their homes and share stories and pictures of the kids. We can’t wait to visit more of our players families in the nearby future.
Take a look at the pictures below to see some moments from our recent family visits.

Thank you for your continued support.

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