Christine Møller BA, Dip Ed

Christine studied English and History at Swansea University and did her teacher training at Sheffield College of Education. She started her career as a Liberal Studies lecturer in the UK. After moving to Denmark, she taught English, both language and literature, and worked as an Information Assistant at the British Council Library. Until recently she was Assistant Editor of APMIS (Journal of Pathology, Microbiology and Immunology). She ran the editorial office, progressed manuscripts from submission to publication, dealt with authors, editors and reviewers, and had considerable experience revising, copyediting and proofreading manuscripts. Currently she teaches courses in medical writing for PhD students and others interested in improving their language and communication skills. She is a member of the European Medical Writers Association, the American Medical Writers Association and the European Association of Science Editors.

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Joan Waddell BSc, PGCE

JoanJoan studied Physics at Birmingham University and did her teacher training at Sheffield University. She has wide experience teaching science and physics in the British school system. In addition to her teaching activities, she has served for many years as an examiner for both British and international examination boards. Her work as a principal examiner has focused on advanced-level practical physics. Writing examination papers and revising textbooks, as part of her responsibilities, has involved extensive editing to promote more effective scientific communication.

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Jude Pedersen BA, TESOL-certified

After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin, Jude landed her first teaching job in Japan. Here she taught English at a language academy in Yokohama. From there she went on to teach English grammar and academic writing in Los Angeles, New York and Denmark. Currently she is teaching academic writing to PhD students at the University of Southern Denmark. Jude also works as a freelance language editor of articles and PhD theses in the health sciences.

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Bobby Brown BSc, PhD

Bobby studied biochemistry at the University of Glasgow where he worked for over 20 years as a technician, PhD student, and postdoctoral research scientist. He has a PhD in plant molecular genetics and has co-authored manuscripts, peer-reviewed articles for publication in scientific journals, and presented his research as a speaker at conferences in the UK and USA. He has also written conference abstracts and designed slide kits and poster presentations for the medical/healthcare industry. He is now a freelance medical writer and regularly edits manuscripts written by non-native English speakers.

Marcus Corander BSc, PhD

Marcus studied Biomedical Science at the University of Leeds and subsequently completed a PhD in Clinical Biochemistry at the University of Cambridge, where he published manuscripts and presented research at international congresses. He is now based in Dubai and leads a medical communications agency, where he supports clinical publications planning and execution for international pharmaceutical companies in collaboration with leading physicians from the Middle East and North Africa region across a broad range of therapy areas.

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Stephen Gilliver, BSc, MRes, PhD

Stephen Stephen was formerly a researcher at the University of Manchester and an associate lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University. In 2010 he moved to Sweden, initially working as both a trainee editor at a small medical journal publisher in Uppsala and a freelance copy editor. He was then appointed Science Editor at the Center for Primary Health Care Research in Malmö, where he edited draft manuscripts and lectured on scientific writing. He is now a home-based senior medical writer at Evidera, where he specialises in writing manuscripts on patient-centred research. He is a member of the European Medical Writers Association.

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